Innovative Products

At Medical Design, we make every effort to surpass limits and create innovative products on the cutting-edge of technology.

Our goal is first to identify the the source of the problem , and then to recommend innovative approaches by offering appropriate solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. We have invented numerous revolutionary design products that are unmatched on the market; we can suggest new ideas to overcome your challenges.


Specialized Made-to-Measure Products

Working closely with our partners, our team is available to provide comprehensive, varied services. Our mission is to offer customized solutions adapted to your needs.

Our specialized 3D simulation software enables us to evaluate products before they are manufactured and take into account all of a project’s specificities. Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we can guide you to the best solutions and address your issues. We can also make productivity assessments and undertake specific research on the processes and standards that need to be followed. Whatever your needs, we can suggest innovative ideas for your most ambitious projects.



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Benefit from comprehensive support throughout your entire project

Our High-Quality Services

For our company, the relationship with customers is a top priority. However, we believe that it is also important to take the views of patients and healthcare workers into account because they are the ones who are primarily affected. Our dynamic, attentive customer service is focused on professional advice and our ability to listen to your needs while answering your questions.

01 Product Engineering

Working in an innovation-conducive environment, our experienced team has the requisite skills to have a positive impact on your projects’ development. Our skills and our expertise enable us to manufacture exclusive products meeting the industry’s highest quality standards.

02 R&D

You can count on our visionary research & development team and take advantage of our innovative made-to-measure concepts that will maximize the performance of your business. We can find customized solutions that improve the efficiency of your equipment, invent appropriate prototypes and produce them in the desired quantities. Thanks to our constantly evolving skills and expertise, we will create a complete optimized file for your project by analyzing the production costs and profitability; we will do research to present a high-quality product. We find comprehensive solutions and emphasize an ergonomic, innovative and reliable design that contributes to your success.

02 R&D+

Custom specifications

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    01 – Medical gases

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    02 – Electrical services

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    03 – Communication

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    04 – Lighting

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    05 – Mounting solutions for accessories
    (oriented toward product functionality)