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Staying up to date on new trends in the medical equipment field, we always try to outdo ourselves by exploring new ways of doing things, finding the best ideas and adapting them to the specific needs of patients and hospital staff while taking their specific situations into account. As an original equipment manufacturer, we conduct organized consultations with users to avoid errors or omissions and use high precision tools and a superior level of cleanliness to meet industry requirements during the production of new prototypes. Inspired to push boundaries, Medical Design has collaborated in the development and evolution of several inventions to improve equipment efficiency.



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  • Modern, practical and ergonomic: these are the qualities that we look for when creating new spaces in hospitals. The goal of our team is not only to develop new products but to enhance the functionality of medical devices.

    Prototyping and 3D Conceptualization

  • This step allows us to do 3D simulations of the products to be produced that are used during the acceptance of work by customers prior to the launch of the “Preproduction” stage. The R&D department carries out this important part of each contract to ensure compliance with their constraints and particularities.


  • Preproduction is the validation stage for the manufacturing steps and component sizes before launching large-scale production. The first 20% of the contract will be completed by the department responsible for preproduction (Preproduction). During this stage, all adjustments should be made to enable the automation of the large-scale production to follow.

    Large-Scale Production

  • Once all preproduction aspects have been tested, fine-tuned and adjusted, it is possible to complete the rest of the contract (80%) using the new production line to reduce production time, limit losses and increase assembly and finishing capabilities to meet the desired manufacturing times and costs as well as ensure contract profitability.

Modern Architectural Products

Constantly evolving


Research plays a vital role in innovation. A key to increasing production, research consists in acquiring knowledge to create new materials, devices, products or processes or improve those that have already been created. In collaboration with healthcare professionals, Medical Design is proud of the concepts it has developed over the last 35 years and has deliberately placed research at the heart of its strategy.


Investing in development unquestionably  promotes progress. Using specialized software, we focus on 3D simulations and develop prototypes that will contribute to improving equipment effectiveness. Medical Design works in partnership with its clients to launch production of the next product that will revolutionize the medical sector. Our ideas, our expertise and above all, our products’ high technical quality make us a reliable, serious and proactive company.

Modern Architectural Products

Medical engineering
also involves product development.