Mission. Vision. Values.

Founded in 1983, Équipements Électro-Médicaux Economec Inc. (EEME) focused on manufacturing medical tubing products.

In 2004, the company and its business strategy underwent a major shift. Medical Design was registered as a trademark and all internal mechanisms needed to offer custom products were put in place. The company now provides customized solutions, including the complete analysis of needs, design, manufacturing and installation of all products and services related to the medical equipment field.

Since implementing this new business strategy, the company continues to grow and innovate its internal processes and manufacturing methods. Medical Design stands out due to its long-acquired renown, expertise, market knowledge, product quality and the inventiveness of its proposed solutions and expertise.

A Professional, Visionary Team

Supported by a competent team offering advice and expertise, Medical Design works in synergy to develop solutions and ensure unparalleled support for all your projects. Our results are the fruits of the collaborative work and efforts of a team of professionals who have adopted an innovative perspective to incorporate design and engineering; they always combine them with the latest technology for pragmatic and aesthetic purposes.

  • Our Highly Qualified Engineers

    Our engineers will make sure to collect all the relevant information to apply the best management and implementation processes for your project. You will have the chance to consult professionals with all the skills to develop your investment and who take public safety to heart. Committed and always eager to deliver high-quality projects, we do rigorous follow-ups and ensure that design prototypes meet relevant codes and standards.

  • A Constantly Evolving R&D Department

    You can count on our visionary research & development team and take advantage of our innovative made-to-measure concepts that will maximize the performance of your business. We can find customized solutions that improve the efficiency of your equipment, build appropriate prototypes and produce them in the desired quantities. Thanks to our constantly evolving skills and expertise, we will create a complete optimized file for your project by analyzing production costs and profitability; we will do research to present a high-quality product. We find comprehensive solutions and emphasize an ergonomic, innovative and reliable design that contributes to your success.

  • Project Management That Works

    Each phase of the project management cycle is vitally important. We passionately believe that the key to success lies in organized, efficient management that emphasizes quality while meeting deadlines and staying within budgets. Working closely with our partners, our task is to offer custom solutions adapted to their needs. Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we can guide you to the best solutions, address your problems and contribute to the comfort of hundreds of people. Whatever your needs, we can suggest innovative ideas for your most ambitious projects.

  • Prototyping and 3D Conceptualization

    This step allows us to do 3D simulations of the products to be produced that are used during the acceptance of work by customers prior to the launch of the “Preproduction” stage.
    The R&D department carries out this important part of each contract to ensure compliance with the following:

    • Prerequisites
    • Certifications
    • Materials selection
    • Budget
    • Schedule

  • Ambitious OEM Projects

    Staying up to date on new trends in the medical equipment field, we always try to outdo ourselves by exploring new ways of doing things, finding the best ideas and adapting them to the specific needs of patients and hospital staff while taking their specific situations into account.
    As an original equipment manufacturer, we conduct organized consultations with users to avoid errors or omissions and use high precision tools and a superior level of cleanliness to meet industry requirements during the production of new prototypes. Inspired to push boundaries, Medical Design has collaborated in the development and evolution of several inventions to improve equipment efficiency.

  • Unparalleled Installations

    Our highly qualified team ensures a professional installation and optimal use of equipment. We will coordinate access to installation areas with stakeholders to ensure an efficient, detail-oriented installation

  • Ingenuity
  • Customer service
  • Compliance with standards
  • Modernization

The Strengths of Our Company

« A pioneering company focused on developing adapted solutions. »


Medical Design is always on the lookout for new technologies and medical standards.