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  • Mechanical Estimator

    The mechanical estimator is responsible for producing bids and carrying out various projects. He or she will determine the equipment and materials needed and will meet customers’ needs while doing follow-ups.
  • Electrical mechanic

    In the factory, the electrical mechanic uses his or her expertise in installing and assembling all devices and equipment. He or she will also be responsible for the maintenance, restoration and the changing of worn or broken parts. He or she must correctly diagnose anomalies or defective items.
  • Assembly Technician

    The assembly technician will be responsible for participating in assembling various components according to the installation sketches, procedures and standards. He or she will perform the work accurately within the required timeframe.
  • Draftsperson

    The draftsperson will take care of preparing diagrams and detailed drawings based on engineering specifications. He or she will then create sketches with specialized software.
  • Project Manager

    Being highly adaptable, the project manager will be responsible for the smooth execution of projects while keeping the work team motivated and customers informed and satisfied. He or she must find the solutions, means and resources to optimize production and complete ongoing projects.
  • Administrative Assistant

    The administrative assistant is responsible for carrying out administrative and secretarial tasks, and crucial, complex tasks that require extensive knowledge of organizational procedures and precedents.